Malling School Project

We continue to enjoy our music workshops and relish the opportunity to share the pleasure we ourselves derive from our musical pursuits. After our very successful event last year, we return to Malling School this summer to spend time with both pupils and parents with the objective of encouraging pupils to take up learning a musical instrument.

To help us achieve this, Eynsford Concert Band has received a generous grant from Kent County Council to fund a series of workshops and concerts.

The first event is planned for 7pm on Thursday 14th July, and will be a short evening concert to prospective pupils and parents at the end of the school open day, with the objective of encouraging parents to support their children who want to take up learning an instrument on their return to school in September.

We will return to the school on Friday 16th September to give a series of workshops to the pupils during the morning, possibly involving professional tutors. The workshops will be based around brass, woodwind and percussion instruments as well as singing. It is anticipated that all the pupils will experience each workshop during the day. The afternoon will then involve the full band giving a concert to all of the school’s pupils.

The band is proud and excited to be asked to undertake this project and to have this opportunity to help the local community.

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