‘Unseen Wings’ A Churchill Portrait

A premiere performance of music by Jack Stamp and text by Stephen Mansfield



In July 2022, we were proud to have performed the World Premiere of ‘Unseen Wings: A Churchill Portrait’.  We are delighted to share a recording of that performance with you here.

‘Unseen Wings’ celebrates the life and times of Winston Churchill and was written for us by the renowned composer (and our Honorary Patron) Dr Jack Stamp in honour of our 50th anniversary.

Jack has been fascinated by the life of Winston Churchill for many years and, after reading “Never Give In” by Dr Stephen Mansfield, was inspired to write this new piece. The piece includes narrated passages especially written by Stephen Mansfield himself.  We were delighted that both Jack and Stephen could join us at the premiere.

It’s an 18 minute walk through the life and times of the great man in words and music, with fabulous narration from Vivienne Astall and Graham Stone as Churchill. So grab a cup of tea, sit down and we hope you enjoy it.

Narration by Graham Stone and Vivienne Astall

Jack Stamp: http://www.jackstamp.com
Stephen Mansfield:  http://stephenmansfield.tv

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