Heritage – Recording our latest CD

In October 2009 the Eynsford Concert Band finalised its fourth recording – a CD entitled ‘Heritage’ – featuring five works by living British composers, including a specially commissioned piece by Nigel Clarke called ‘Heritage Suite’. The other works featured are ‘Albion Heritage’ by Philip Sparke; ‘Paris Sketches’ by Martin Ellerby; ‘Thames Journey’ by Nigel Hess and ‘Yiddish Dances’ by Adam Gorb.

For three days, the band gathered in the Mick Jagger Centre in Dartford to complete the recording of Heritage, supported by the skills of Tom and Will from Prozone Music. Will, the producer, quickly became familiar to us as The Voice as he directed us between rehearsals and takes via the speaker system. Tom on the other hand was the technical expert working hard in the background to ensure that all microphones were working and any erroneous background noise was avoided.

It was an intense three days and we were all tired and in need of beer by the end; however, the experience was great fun. We certainly benefited from spending an extended time performing together and as we haven’t had a tour this year, the recording gave us the opportunity to socialise together as well.

All this would not have been possible without the help of the committee. Special thanks go to Paul Gould for organising not only the recording but more importantly the catering; and to John Hutchins for conducting us through the three days….and thanks to Colin Palmer for the photos below.