Music we are rehearsing

When possible, we will post good recordings below of the pieces we are currently rehearsing..

The following pieces are for Xmas 2023

Call Me Claus

Garth Brooks

The Spirit of Christmas

Peter Graham

A brass band version – there is no wind band version.

A Christmas Carol (main theme)

Alan Silvestri/arr. Robert Longfield

Winter Dances

Brian Balmages

I Will Light Candles This Christmas

Kim André Arnesen

Whilst it is a choral version (there is no wind band version) this will give you an idea of how it goes and the balance Mike is looking for.

The Night Before Christmas

Randol Alan Bass

The following are pieces for Spring 2024

Overture to William Tell


The Batman Theme (1989)

Danny Elfman

The Devil’s Gallop

For guidance! …not the same arrangement that we will be playing!


arr. Gilbert Tinner

Star Wars (main theme)

John Williams arr. Stephen Bulla


Kenneth Hesketh

Highlights from ‘Moulin Rouge’

arr. Michael Brown

Not a great recording, so hopefully we can do better!

Lexicon of the Gods

Rossano Galante

Our next offering from Rossano Galante


Danny Elfman / arr. Michael Brown